Goddess With A Blade

This is an urban fantasy/PNR series featuring Rowan Summerwaite, the human vessel to the Goddess Brigid who also happens to have been raised at the knee of the First, the oldest Vampire on earth. Her job is enforcing the Treaty that protects humans from the Vampires. GODDESS WITH A BLADE is book one and where Rowan meets the Vampire Scion who is a pain in her behind and also becomes her love interest. It's complicated. All the books in the series will feature Rowan as the main character. Book two is BLADE TO THE KEEP, released in December 2013 and the third book, BLADE ON THE HUNT will release November 17,  2014. A fourth novel has been contracted and will release in late fall 2015

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Goddess with a Blade
Goddess With A Blade
Book 1
Blade to the Keep
Blade to the Keep
Book 2
Blade On The Hunt
Book 3
At Blade’s Edge
Book 4