Goddess With A Blade

Note: I’ve been getting a lot of mail asking if I’d be writing more books for Rowan and Clive – the answer is yes! I know there’s already been a year since the last book came out. I know you’re all waiting after the way Edge ended. Rowan and the Goddess will find a new level of unity with white hot vengeance to deliver as the story heads back to Las Vegas once more. I have books to deliver first, but I will be getting to Rowan’s next book as soon as I can. Just a quick explanation of why my schedule went so sideways: Last year was the worst of my entire life. I lost my father unexpectedly (along with two very dear friends and several other relatives) and all my focus has been on relocating my mother to a house very close to ours. Much of everything else fell to the side as we’ve been trying to make that happen (complete with a recent trip to the emergency room only to leave the hospital a week later with a pacemaker – we’ve decided she’s a transformer now). Hug your people because all we have is right now. None of us know what tomorrow may bring.
    This is an urban fantasy/PNR series featuring Rowan Summerwaite, the human vessel to the Goddess Brigid who also happens to have been raised at the knee of the First, the oldest Vampire on earth. Her job is enforcing the Treaty that protects humans from the Vampires. GODDESS WITH A BLADE is book one and where Rowan meets the Vampire Scion who is a pain in her behind and also becomes her love interest. It's complicated. All the books in the series will feature Rowan as the main character. Book two is BLADE TO THE KEEP, the third book is BLADE ON THE HUNT, the fourth, AT BLADE'S EDGE.  More in the series, the next book is tentatively entitled WRATH OF THE GODDESS is tentatively scheduled to release at the end of 2017

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Goddess with a Blade
Goddess With A Blade
Book 1
Blade to the Keep
Blade to the Keep
Book 2
Blade On The Hunt
Book 3
At Blade’s Edge
Book 4