When Will (book title here) Be In Print?


Fated, Always, Laid Open, Cake and Believe are all novellas or short novels. They are too short to go to print on their own. Sometimes a publisher will put a few shorter works of an author together in one volume so they can go to print (usually if they are on the same subject/series/genre). Other times publishers might combine a few different authors’ shorter works into an anthology. At this point I don’t know of any plans for the books I name above to go to print.


Digital first:

My digital first books from Samhain, granted they are long enough for print, will release in trade paperback six months after digital release. Carina goes on a case by case basis. Goddess With A Blade (and all the others in the series so far) released in mass market paperback in December 2013 and later in trade size. I don’t know of any plans for Second Chances