The Long And Winding Road

Okay, got my work done from earlier today and send the manuscript formerly known as Witches Knot to my editor at EC. I hope she likes it. There’s a bit of time between when I first wrote it and now. It’s changed a bit.

I wrote it first last year. But she said it wasn’t romance enough. So I put it aside. I pitched it to my now agent who was lukewarm and brought up some of the same things my editor brought up in addition to the fact that the book is so tied into the Charvez Universe that it would be nearly impossible to make it standalone. And hey, if two people whose opinions you respect say the same thing, you have to listen.

Sigh. So I put it aside and finished up several other projects and went back to it. I streamlined it a bit (too many characters) and adjusted the scenes a bit (I already changed some timeline stuff a while back). I did not take the focus from Holly and her struggle. I think it’s important and she’s the heart of the book. It is a romance. But it’s more than that too and I hope my editor thinks the changes I’ve made are what she was looking for. I love this book. I want my readers to meet Holly (and Rhett and Lucas too) After this one, I think I’m nearly done with the Charvez witches (not in an ancillary way though, I’m doing a Fae series and a series about the hunters that we meet in Vengeance Due). I want to end with a final book about Lee, Alex and Aidan – Alex has some choices to make.

Tonight it’s back to Goddess With A Blade. I want to polish it up and then do a proposal for it. Oh and then on to Sword and Crown which is due June 1. And THEN back to Threat of Darkness and Jayce’s story. Oh, and then back to Taking Chase for Samhain. Whoo, I need a hobby (I almost said chubby, god, my mind!)

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  1. Meljprincess
    April 28th, 2006 at 8:39 am · Link

    Good luck with all the books, Lauren. “Chubby”…LOL! I could use one of those about now.