The Calm Before The Release

What a lovely List Mom day I had today. EC readers are so wonderful! 11 and a half hours of chat and I’m exhausted but I had a great time. I also have a dozen new books on my TBB list after all the great excerpts. I tell you, one of the best reasons to host a LM Day is to get all the great excerpts from the EC authors, LOL.

I’m thinking that I may do it at Samhain when Giving Chase releases to see if I can get great excerpts from the fabulous authors there too, LOL.

So tomorrow is my third book release with EC, my fifth book release in a year. I’m incredibly thankful that I’ve been able to do all of this. There are moments when I still can’t believe this is actually my life. It’s pretty freaking cool.

I love Enforcer. I believe in it as a good book. In my opinion, it’s my strongest writing yet. The characters are people I really like. I think their chemistry is real and hot and I like that they make me laugh. I hope you all like it too!

I’m off to go work on Wolf. Y’all have a great night.

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