Given To Fly (with all my love to Pearl Jam)

Goddess With A Blade

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16,000 / 100,000

Got some more progress done before I had to put it aside and get back to Wolf, which I’m about 20 pages shy of finishing revisions on (thank god, LOL). I’m actually researching police procedure and some forensic stuff right now so I can write about it more effectively. I’ve written a different universe and so Rowan has access that a civilian wouldn’t normally have but I still need to write the medical and physical details correctly.

I also need to get Wolf done so I can turn back to GWAB with total attention. (well what passes for total attention when I’ve got three kids hanging off me chattering about Mario, Super Mario and Pokemon)

I’m rambling. My daughter decided she’d wake up for three hours from 1 – 4 and I’m rather incoherent today. Off in search of caffeine.

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