Another One – this one from JERR

This one is from JERR, where Mireya gives A Touch of Fae four stars and says in part: “Lauren Dane’s A Touch of Fae is the second book of her Witches Knot series. Though part of a series, the plot begins where Triad left off, and most definitely can be read as a stand alone without problems, although chances are that, if you have not read the first one yet, you will want to go back to catch up with the first one. In A Touch of Fae we get to meet a vulnerable yet strong heroine, who after years of being essentially in the shadow of her older sister, finally finds her own voice and comes to appreciate her own strengths. As to the hero, he is fae, he is gorgeous, and so into the heroine that you can’t help but feel his love for her. One thing that I have come to appreciate in Ms. Dane’s writing style is how nicely she matches the tone of the book to the characterization, particularly to the way she depicts the heroine. In this story, the love between the two main characters is drawn out beautifully, though there is a suspense subplot, what definitely draws the reader is the interaction between Em and Con and their sensual erotic encounters. I am looking forward to Ms. Dane’s future titles.”

The part about this review that I love the most is the comment about how my writing style matches the tone of the book to my characterization – it’s so thrilling to have something like that be appreciated and noted. So thank you, Mireya!

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