Inside Out

Inside Out is tender, romantic and unapologetically sexy. Lauren Dane writes with an emotional depth and authenticity that always leaves me breathless. Simply put, I love her books!”
—New York Times Bestselling Author, Lara Adrian

“Lauren Dane has proven once again that she is a highly talented writer who delivers emotionally charged, deeply sensual tales that are sexy, fun and intimate.”
—Night Owl Reviews Top Pick”

“Catch up with the Brown family and friends in this intense love story. Less sexually charged than some of her previous books, Dane’s latest focuses on relationships: lovers, family and friends. Ella and Cope, two people with confidence issues, struggle to form a relationship. If you don’t think you can relate to characters with tattoos and piercings, think again — this is a powerful story of love.”
—RT Book Reviews

Inside Out made my heart melt—it gives you this wonderful warm feeling deep inside. It’s full of family and friends, love and compassion. An emotional read through and through. For me her Brown Siblings novels are forever seated on my keeper shelf and I know I will re-read their stories again and again. Highly recommended read- I adore this book with all my heart!”
—Book Lovers Inc

“Lauren Dane once again deliveries an emotionally gripping story mixed with some seriously steamy sex. She does an excellent job of keeping all of the characters from previous books up front and personal by staying true to friends and family.”
—Fresh Fiction

Inside Out is just a fantastic book full of love and family. I absolutely can’t wait for Adrian’s book!”
—The Book Girl