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The Writing Team of Dane – Hart…revealed!

It began via instant messenger.

We both planned on attending a now-defunct writing conference in Seattle. Hart needed a ride from the airport. Dane offered to give her one.
The rest…is history.
Flash forward a few years to the Romantic Times Convention of 2007. Dane and Hart, sharing a room, standing in line (interminably) couldn’t help but brainstorm. The idea grew, unfolded, grew some more, until one or the other, or both said: Hey! We should totally write this together!
So. We did.
It became Taking Care of Business, our first jointly written novel for Black Lace. Soon to be followed by another book for Black Lace, tentatively called No Reservations, Taking Care of Business is about one conference. Two friends. Two men who know how to take care of business.
It’s absolutely not based on anything that ever happened in real life.
Make another leap to RT 2008 — “BRRRRRRING ME MY HOOOOKAH!” became the cry. “Bring me the hookah and the gluten-free cover model from the basement so that I might suck the marrow from his bones….”
Yeah. We had a good time.
As we do, every day, on instant messenger and our video blogs.
Welcome to / — the home for our multimedia content. Thanks for watching, and thanks for reading!


I wanted to try and do this “once upon a time three little girls went to Writer’s Weekend” thing – you know an homage and stuff but yeah, anyway.

Essentially Megan tells you above how we came to this place, you can click my video below and listen to me tell you with pictures and stuff even!

Welcome to Bring Me My Hookah/DaneHart – we plan to make this place fun and casual. Videos, guest blog vids and other various insanity. So sit down on those plush pillows, take a bite of our candy house, say hello to a cover model (he’s not gluten free though!) and make yourselves to home!