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October 20th, 2010
Truck Nuts and Neuticles

3 comments to “Truck Nuts and Neuticles”

  1. 1

    I’m not sure how I can work Truck Nuts or Neuticals into a conversation but I’m sure gonna try!

  2. 2

    I know that you are aware of this, but you two ain’t right in the head! lol

    As for truck nuts, it is enough of a pain in the ass to remove the trailer hitch after every camping trip… like I want to add fake automotive genitalia to that? Also, if I have the trailer hitch on my truck to it has the ball hitch on it, does that mean my truck is only sporting a single nut? Should I get neuticals for my truck so it doesn’t feel inferior to the other trucks?

  3. 3

    People actually… :shock: Dats just naaaastaaay!

    And jeezits, as if it wasn’t bad enough when people dress their dogs up in sweaters and the like…neuticles???