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September 14th, 2010
Dane Hart Discuss: True Blood!

And we love it! Most of it. But especially Alcide’s abs.

2 comments to “Dane Hart Discuss: True Blood!”

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    See, I love BOTH (book and HBO)and do see them different. (Just me though)…that said, not sure if either of you saw Blood Ties (from Tanya Huff’s Blood Books) that was WAY different.

    Tanya called the characters grandchildren of her characters. (Google Kyle Schmid who played Tanya’s Henry- that guy brought the cougar out in me.)

    Gotta go with Megan’s thoughts on the whole Bill thing.

    Dude walked through sunlight. C’Monnnnn, that should have bought at least a brownie point or two, ya know? Geesh!

    Now Megan, if anyone can understand Eric’s constantly changing hair color…

    No comment on the Talbot in a jar. (looked too damn much like my cranberry Jello and the holidays are approaching)

    I’m hoping that the arrival of the witches may mean that the amnesia episodes are coming. That was my favorite!

    I have a bad feeling about that new waitress…something feels off about her. Is it me, or is there some bad mojo rolling off her? My 1st thoughts over her little ‘hocus pocus’ bit with Arlene? Uh oh, we have Rosemary’s Baby coming.

    Have either of you read the shorts? The one where Sookies grandfather (the Fae King) sends her a Christmas gift? If not, I think it was in Deaths Excellent Vacation. (I think- google to play it safe)

    Thanks for the great TB Rundown and have a great hump day tomorrow! ~