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July 6th, 2009
Hi, Christopher, I’m Megan…

Music Monday!

So a few weeks ago I found this new singer (new to me, I’m pretty sure he’s been singing for a long time. Long enough not to be new.) Anyway, I bought his album from iTunes, but lo and behold! He’s got a whole bunch of songs up on Youtube! Songs he’s covered that you can’t even buy. BOO! BOO, Christopher Dallman, for making me love your version of When You Were Mine (wow, that takes me back to the good old days of long, hot summers listening to Prince and daydreaming about stuff my mother didn’t want me to think about!) but not making it available to buyyyyy!

And how about this one?


Anyway, you know how it goes. If I love it, I want you to love it, too, I want you to have it. So here’s the deal. Post here with your favoritest summer song memory — the song, the summer, what it meant, what you think of when you hear it!

And I’ll draw a random winner to receive my VERY favorite Christopher Dallman song — Brand New Lover (which sadly, I can’t find on Youtube) — from iTunes! Again, as in the past, you must have iTunes enabled and be a US citizen, as I can’t send to non-US iTunes, and that’s the only way for me to get you the music.

Check him out at his website where you can listen to samples of his other songs. Though, sadly, I can’t seem to find a sample of Brand New Lover.


Maybe on his Myspace page.

At any rate, YOU can win the song and give Christopher’s music a try, just do what I said to do and you could be the random winner!

Happy Summer, everyone!


PS– What the hell. Over My Head (which you CAN hear a sample of, just above!) is also a great song. I’ll give away a copy of that, too. And yes, since this is crossposted at my blog and Dane Hart Discuss, I’ll give away songs at both places.

Brand New Lover and Over My Head will go to two diff lucky winners at EACH blog, meaning I’m giving away four songs, total. US residents, must have iTunes. (I’m sorry, non-US’ers, but I’ve got a Jason Manns’ CD on the way that I’ll be able to give away internationally.)

PPS– bonus points if you can name the reference in the title of this blog

One comment to “Hi, Christopher, I’m Megan…”

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    What? No comments on this already?

    I don’t have a favorite summer-y song for when I was younger, but my favorite summer memories were when my older brother would wake me up super early (SUPER!!) and we’d go riding around the pond and in the woods on his 3-wheeler. We did that the whole summer, would just ride and ride and ride, then mom would wonder why we were so tired later in the day because we’d both be crashed out on the beds or couch or even the floor. LOL It was weeks before she found out I was going out on these rides with him. She just assumed he was taking my younger brother or older cousin with him but neither ever wanted to get up at the crack of dawn the way he did and he’d keep pestering me until I would finally wake up and go with him. We used to have such a blast!