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June 20th, 2009
Summer Time, Summer Time

2 comments to “Summer Time, Summer Time”

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    I like getting a peek at previous characters in other books but I don’t know if I’d want to read another full book about them. Probably why I can’t get into JD Robb’s books because it’s 17+ books with the same hero and heroine. lol

    Like in STRANGER, I liked that we got to see Dan and Elle from DIRTY and we got that little update about them, that worked just fine for me. To be honest, (and I haven’t said this to you before lol) I didn’t much care for Elle in HER book but I ended up changing my mind about her when I read STRANGER. She wasn’t so emotionally closed off in Sam’s book and yes, I know she had to be in her book but still, there was a couple scenes in DIRTY where I wanted Dan to tell her to get lost and find someone worthy of him. ;) The update with her and Dan in Sam’s book changed my mind though.

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    Love novella’s. Just now learned that the Sexy Beast books (Shorts from Asst Authors) feature snippets from The Wolf Tales Characters.

    I like hearing the before or afters about characters I grew to love.

    Laser surgery? My Aunt and Cousin both had it and SWEAR by it.

    Thanks for the update, and have a great summer!