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May 21st, 2009
CPRW Interviews: Misty Simon

Check out her Poison Ivy series at

One comment to “CPRW Interviews: Misty Simon”

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    DePadalecki and Dackles! :lol: They sound like a crime fighting team. I love it!

    Really awesome interview.

    I’m with Misty, I always see my books playing out in my head as movies as I write them so I too need someone in my head to help ground the character for me.

    So no heroes named Rkkkt or Shppptw! Duly noted.

    Misty’s book’s sound great!

    My main problem with ‘quirky’ characters is just what Megan said, it always reads forced to me. I’m encouraged by Ivy though. She sounds muchly awesome!

    ‘A tattoo of my face on my face’ :lol: :lol:

    Oh yay for Canadian artists! (waves from Toronto) The covers look so fun!