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May 19th, 2009
Dane Hart Discuss: Entitlement

5 comments to “Dane Hart Discuss: Entitlement”

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    Why can’t everyone just follow the “NMB” motto? To tweet or not to tweet, to blog or not to blog, it’s none of anyone’s business but the person doing it. Jeez.

    And about the Goodreads recommends? I have one better…stumbled onto an author’s website where it said stuff like it was “fantastic, it was awesome and we should buy buy buy” and who was it saying all this stuff about her book? The author herself. couldn’t click that little red X fast enough once I read that. lol

  2. 2

    Haha, if I didn’t think it’d get me smacked, I’d be so tempted to say something like “WHY ARE YOU BOTH MAKING THIS VIDEO BLOG AND NOT WRITING?” :wink:

    Heh. As for winners and not winners – yes. Sometimes, I wish it was ok to tell someone “Look, you’re not that awesome. You’re not that great. You are not, in fact, a winner. Deal.”

    Lol I just got invited to “be a fan” of an author today. By the author. Deleted.

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    The first image of Lauren holding up the camera already started me off giggling.

    The ‘delete’ or ‘unfollow’ button is right frakking there for Jeezits sake. Why do people complain? I’ve always been a believer that 95% of people complain or get offended because they LIKE it. It gives them a pulpit to b*** from so that they feel important.

    I want a Sharpie!

    Megan’s ideal day is like mine. I’m such a home body that if I didn’t communicate on line my vocabulary would probably be down to just grunts by now.

    Oh yeah, Julie Garwood started off in historicals and then dabbled in contemporary romantic suspense for a while. I LOVED her historicals and liked her suspense but that’s just my own thing that I’m not a huge fan of romantic suspense though I will occasionally read it. Since I love her books, yeah, I read her new stuff. But if I didn’t want to, she doesn’t owe it to me to stick to one genre, she should write what she loves!

    I write erotic romance right now, but that doesn’t mean that’s all I want to write and my first priority is to myself because if I’m not able to sort of spread around my interests, all my writing will suffer because the passion won’t be 100% there.

    People need to be able to disagree without it being perceived as this personal attack. I’ve had this best friend for the past 10 years and we rarelyagree on anything but we DISCUSS it and respect the other person’s opinions and sometimes one or both of comes around or sometimes we don’t and that’s fine!

    But if I find what someone does or says or online to be offensive then I simply stop following or reading them. Common sense peoples!

    Mmmm Gerard Butler video blogging…I would soooo be there!

    Ah Megan, you hilarious fangirl you! :lol:

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    Mad – I know. It seems so very simple but so many miss that.

    LC – LOL! Well I think law school cures many of the notion that they are, in fact, the smartest person EVAR.

    Nancy – LOL! I never know why they choose which image to be the placeholder in the video when it’s not being played

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    I’m sitting here watching this with my almost 4yr old and he’s trying to show you guys the game he is playing… then Megan says fucking and I had to shut it off!!

    I’ll continue later! :smile: