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April 30th, 2009
This goes with the video below!

3 comments to “This goes with the video below!”

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    As a reader, it is always so wonderful to interact (or even just hear about) with an author that really, truly appreciates their community – both other authors and their readers. I think that everyone appreciates how professional you are about that and you always take the time to show your appreciation for your readers. We love that :razz:

    So… RT is in Ohio next year? I might be able to swing that. Hmmm…..

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    Muchly congrats on your award! That is so wonderful.

    I so agree that the romance authors community is one of the best, filled with the warmest most encouraging people!

    God willing, I can make it to Ohio next year cause that would be a dream for me, to go to RT!

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    Lori – well thank you, but frankly I can’t understand why anyone would be any other way! And yep, Columbus – you know you want to go….

    Nancy – thank you! Hope you make it to Columbus next April!