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April 2nd, 2009

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7 comments to “Heroes!”

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    My sister loves Heroes! I caught a clip here and there but it never really grabbed me. But I’m with you on the angsty boys.

    Supernatural beats all!

    I went to the bookstore yesterday and they didn’t have TCOB but they did have Lauren’s ‘Undercover’ Squee! But I shall be picking both up soon!

    My two favorite new shows are Castle and Kings. Love them!

    The Pj’s are too cute! :lol: I’m working in my pj’s too!

    Oh I have soooo plugged you to this friend of mine, Annie, who loves erotic novels. She says hot hot hot!

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    Commented on your blog, but just want to say again I love the videos you and Lauren do. LMAO at the one you did last year at RT, when you were hunting….

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    I was a Heroes fan…then I ended up deleting all the new episodes from this season because I was running out of space on my DVR. Will have to catch up on it when the DVD set comes out.

    One of my other favorite shows is Smallville. Love that one. Have recorded the new show Castle but haven’t watched any of the episodes yet.

    Recently got back into watching Hell’s Kitchen with Gordon Ramsey…that guy cracks me up! I would never want to work for him because he’s so quick with the “you’re a bloody cow!” insults but watching those who are on the show take it from him because they want that job…amazing.

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    @Nancy: I have both Castle and Kings Tivo’d but haven’t yet caught up with them!

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    @Mad: I think I’d love Smallville. I just have never watched it!

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    Both are so entertaining but in very different ways! :smile: