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March 27th, 2009
Dane Hart Discuss: More skanky stripper pr0n

Again, we watch it so you don’t have to.

3 comments to “Dane Hart Discuss: More skanky stripper pr0n”

  1. 1

    You two crack me up…that’s all I gotta say about this video. ROFL

  2. 2

    I can’t watch this b/c then I always get too curious and search for the video you’re watching, which makes me sad on the inside :P

  3. 3

    I haven’t even clicked on it yet and the look of concern on both your faces is already making me giggle. :lol:

    Mmmm cwoffee… :smile:

    Little Johnny! (falls over)

    Poor Megan looks traumatized!

    Awww did the icky yucky poo poo caca stripper porn steal your appetite? :lol:

    Thankie for the giggles!