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February 2nd, 2009
Groundhog Day Blather

4 comments to “Groundhog Day Blather”

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    Ugh! We’ve been slammed with snow here in Toronto. Here, I’ll let you have some (sends some over to you)

    That was so cool to see you different progress reports and really put this whole business in perspective when you see that a book you wrote in 2004/2005 will only be released in 2009! It really drives home the idea that you can’t just sit on your laurels (not sure what a laurel is or how you can sit on one) when you send off a book waiting to hear if it will be accepted and published. You just got to get moving on the next thing. I’m getting in the habit of doing that now.

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    Good luck with meeting your page goal for the month!

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    Aw, thanks for sharing No Greater Pleasure‘s history, and have a lovely day! :grin:

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    Good luck on meeting your writing goal.