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December 8th, 2008
Vblog Blather and RT Reviewer’s Choice Nomination

5 comments to “Vblog Blather and RT Reviewer’s Choice Nomination”

  1. 1

    Congrats on the nomination Lauren…it is well deserved!

  2. 2

    Your hair is especially lovely today! *envious* And great to know that Undercover‘s doing well, and Laid Bare‘s pushed-up date…so much good news! :mrgreen:

    Have a lovely day! :smile:

  3. 3

    I’m guessing this is a two parter maybe?

    Firstly, muchly squeeeeee with you!

    And secondly…it’s just surreal to me that in the case of that poor Mr. Henry guy that people who claim not to ‘approve’ of erotica will go to the trouble of giving him money by paying for his book and then reading it so they can bash it. I don’t get it. I mean…do they think their negative opinion is so important it’s worth it to them to pay money just for the opportunity to get it across??? :roll:

    As for your ‘book burner’ :roll: :roll: I’ve read Ellora’s Cave and that is pretty steamy stuff so if you’ve written for them and are now writing for someone else…it’s still you and your style.

    I declare, people just have golf balls for brains sometimes.

  4. 4

    @ Lori – thank you! Your package is still here by the way. I haven’t received my author copies yet! As soon as I do I’ll get it mailed, everything else is already bundled up in there.

  5. 5

    @ Tez – why thank you!

    @ Nancy – I don’t think she got what she was looking for, but I’m not sure she read me even though she said she did. Perhaps she mistook me for another author, I don’t know. But no, there’s no real difference in sensuality level between my erotic romances across the board – some have more sex or more kink but I use the same terms and in all my menages but one I’ve had some level of MM interaction