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September 25th, 2008
Dane Hart Discuss Marketing and Promotion

Like we know anything about what works. But we know what DOES NOT!

5 comments to “Dane Hart Discuss Marketing and Promotion”

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    I don’t do Facebook or MySpace…I recently did Goodreads and now I’m getting requests to be friends with members there and MOST of them we don’t have anything in common when it comes to books.

    I love pens…also magnets, bookmarks, those memo pads you sent me, Lauren…those were awesome…until the girls stole them to use themselves. ROFL

    I love my Lauren Dane water bottle! :)

    I got an ARC the other day with the cutest notecards and on the back of each one it had the author’s name, URL, bookcovers…very cute!

  2. 2

    I just went to a wedding this past Saturday where a Portuguese friend married a Scot (ohhh the men in kilts were yummy) and of course they had the candle in the jar with the requisite 5 or so princess candy almonds :lol: which are yummy. Lauren, I think I remember seeing somewhere that your dad was Portuguese? Where from? My dad is from Minho which is up North and my mom is from Madeira(home of the wine) which according to her is the best place on God’s green earth. Oh by the by, looooove Tremosos (sp?) Love them!

    But onto the promo stuff. I know I myself have been guilty of the whole commenting myspace random spamming but in my defense, I am a really relative newbie to the whole publishing/promo machine and while I’ve been writing for years and years, I had no idea about how to go about promoting myself or my work so I sort of followed the party line and I saw everyone else doing the comment thing and figured that was what you were supposed to do. (shrugs)

    On the loops I took a different tack cause I’ve been pretty lucky as I started out in fanfiction and had a pretty healthy readership through them and was a part of a few groups and so I always did the whole inetracting thing, so when it came to ‘writers’ group, I already had that habit of interacting and getting to know people and having fun while promoting at the same time. I’ve met some awesome people that I wouldn’t have if I had just hit and run.

    I’m getting better on the myspace thing in that I’m actually trying to interact more with people on there and network and foster relationships and such. I don’t just friend anybody either. Usually writers and people who love to read. I will get random friend requests from bands too and guys who are just…not subtle, let’s say. :shock: I will say that I am more apt to but books from genres I like (historicals, time travel etc) but because of taking the time to actually get to know people and interact with them, I am more likely to maybe try and branch out into new genres because I’ll know that person and like that person. I especially like writers who talk about their daily writing lives and their processes and such as that is interesting to me and will be usually what keeps me reading on a person’s myspace or facebook and make my branch out to see what this person has written.

    But back to the fanfiction thing, I think that has REALLY helped me in the promo department because firstly it’s a wonderful training ground, and it helps to build up a readership who because they loved your earlier work are more likely to follow you once you get into the original fiction.

    I will say that Megan, I LOVED your idea for the CD with the excerpt cover jacket things. LOVED that idea but I could see how that would be a lot of work.

    Right now I’m looking into the whole bookmarks, postcards, excerpt booklet stuff and see how that goes.

  3. 3

    @Nancy, my dad is first generation so he was born here. My grandparents are from the Azores – grandmother is from Flores (population next to nothing) and my grandfather Sao Miguel.

    I haven’t been to a Portuguese wedding in a long time. The last time I had the candy almonds I think, LOL!

  4. 4

    @ Mad – glad you liked the water bottle and the post its!

  5. 5

    Ah, gotcha. My step-brother in law is from Sao Miguel. Azores is Madeira’s notorious enemy. Don’t know why but I’ve been asked not to question it. :lol:

    Mmmm candy almonds. I’m getting a craving now. Waistline? What is this ‘waistline’ you speak of???

    If there’s a promo thing I really wanna try it’s the post-it’s. I’m such a stationary junkie!!!