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July 30th, 2008
Office Makeover

…check out my new setup.

6 comments to “Office Makeover”

  1. 1

    Hey, we can actually see your face with the new setup…before, your face was barely visible because of the way the sun would hit the room. :)

    Feel free to come clean my office if you’re still in a cleaning/makeover mood. *G*

  2. 2


    Not seeing my face might be a good thing, Mad!!!!



  3. 3

    Question for you…about those books on the shelves…are they research books or books in your TBR? Or keepers?

  4. 4


    some are research books but many are my “keepers.” Stephen King, Clive Barker in hardcover, etc. Looking at it now I have one shelf of my own books, including some unpubbed mss in binders, two shelves exclusively research books including travel books, grammar, dictionaries, etc., five shelves keepers, one shelf religious books, one shelf miscellaneous binders and odd stuff and one shelf TBR, which is stacked two deep! This isn’t counting the shelf I have upstairs which is all my autographed books, another shelf that’s really my husband’s and has all medical books on it and the three shelves in the basement that has photo albums and classics like 1984, etc. on it.



  5. 5

    I like the new setup and it is a good thing to be able to see your face!

  6. 6

    @Lori T:

    ;) Thanks!