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July 25th, 2008
Taking Care of Business Book Video

5 comments to “Taking Care of Business Book Video”

  1. 1

    Already on my wishlist, of course! :)

    PS. Was that Meg Ryan I saw in the video?

  2. 2

    Me again…can you post this on YouTube so I can grab the URL? Pretty please?

  3. 3

    Nope, just a model who sort of looks like her (stock photography of stars is prohibitively expensive for this purpose)

  4. 4

    Verra nice! Verra, verra nice!
    But so far away….. :cry:

  5. 5

    January, huh? Hmm. I think I’ll be asking for a bookstore gift card for Xmas, since the book looks like total awesomeness. :grin: