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July 16th, 2008
Dane/Hart Discuss: Erotic Writing

26 comments to “Dane/Hart Discuss: Erotic Writing”

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    First….what have you two been reading? :oops:

    Second….was that your MAC, Megan, that had your shirt changing colors like that?

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    Well, I liked it…very cool! :)

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    note to self, put down the glass before watching latest video from Dane & Hart – unless I want to spend the next few minutes cleaning grape juide off my desk.

    I have to say though, I agree with pretty much everything you said. Just too bad some of the squick you mentioned, I actually know people who enjoy it. Sometimes I wonder about the circles I’ve traveled in.

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    A day with laughter is a good day – thank you for the hilarity, and have a lovely day! :grin:

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    I agree with both of you I need to have connection and I need to believe what is happening is actually a possibility. That is what makes a story work for me and brings me back for more.

    I am definitely going to look forward to checking your site out daily…because you can never have too much laughter and you both make me laugh out loud while watching you. It looks like you are great friends and having a really fun time.

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    @Lori T: Now the pressure’s on!!!!! Now we have to have fun EVERY DAY!

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    @ megan

    ONOES! Whatever shall we do?

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    @Cynthia: Well ya know, Cynthia…I’m all about finding what melts your butter and all. But I also do believe that certain things simply aren’t mainstream. It doesn’t make them wrong. It just means that if you’re going to put them in a mainstream, non-niche, non-fetish story, you’d better be working hard to convince me that those characters would, indeed, do that sort of thing.

    It can be done right.

    I mean, I can easily imagine someone saying “Hey, let’s try something new” but I simply can NOT imagine someone saying out of the blue “hey, let me pee on you and let’s just try it out” without some repurcussions. So if you write about how your characters are doing that you’d better also make me believe why they would.

    I’m not against kink or fetish stuff or niches. I just want to believe they make sense.


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    Okay, so the shirt thing is so cool!

    Thanks for the laugh…I really needed it. Thank goodness I learned from yesterday’s post not to drink anything while I watched.

    And I agree with you, it needs to make sense or be believable…it has to fit the story and the characters…and yeah, there is some squick stuff that I just can’t get into reading about. Plus I am sure there are some things I have never even heard of…nor am I eager to learn. LOL

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    Thank you so much for the laugh today. I so needed it.

    Megan, the shirt thing was so cool. But I would like to know what was the actual color.

    I agree it needs to make sense and I have to believe it possible.

    Taking warning from Cynthia & Jennifer not to drink when I watch ya’ll.

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    @Jennifer Y.:

    …I know way more than I’d like to about some things…


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    @Greta: It was teal!

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    Unfortunately for me I didn’t read the posts before watching you two…was just sitting down with a slice of pizza and a diet pepsi and trust me when I say diet pepsi just doesnt taste the same after shooting out your nose lol!!! You girls are just awesome. I had a rough super long day and you made me laugh….and shoot soda out my nose. It just doesn’t get much better than that.

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    Thank you, Tina. :)

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    Note to self, close door to office before enjoying my next Dane/Hart video moment, lol. My son came in with this OMG expression and wanted to know what the heck I was watching???!!! I just smiled and shut the door, lol.

    I agree ladies, there are definitely extreme fetish scenes that hit my ick factor buttons. I still want the romance, the sexual chemistry, and the love making to be intense, but please make them believabe, and to make sense.

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    My daughter looked at the screen and said, “is Megan a blizzard cause her shirt is doing that?” (chameleon = lizard = blizzard)

    Megan’s got the cool tricks!

    And yes, make me believe it!

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    Oh I am sooo jealous. I’m DEFINITELY going to have to go and get a Mac. That was freaking cool. LMAO!!! Some of the things you ladies say and come up with. The fetishes you two were talking about. I definitely wouldn’t want to read it in a contemporary romance/erotic romance books. But I’d have to say you two do an EXCELLENT job with connecting your characters to your audience and I think that is what’s most important no matter what type of author you are. But I guess for me it’s even more important in romance novels. It what’s hooks your audience in. of course, you two know that very VERY well.

    Also, I think the backdoor entry is a nightmare whether you are a virgin or not. LOL!!! But there DEFINITELY has to be a lot of trust and intimacy with your partner to be able to go that route. AND I’m not even sure I want to know what you two have been reading.

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    Oh another thing. The for no reason/spontaneous sex scenes can get annoying. Sometimes, I wonder, “What the…?” or “How did we get there?” or :roll: “Okaaaay, NEXT page!” LOL!!

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    …so I take it you haven’t gone to the back room at the grocer and shoved a banana up anyone’s backdoor?

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    LMAO!! I actually have tears!!

    Seriously, though…this was a really interesting discussion. I recently a read a story that had me rolling my eyes more often than I would have liked (NEVER would be ideal). What got me wasn’t that it was unbelievable, but that it was REPETITIVE. Each sex scene went essentially the exact same way.

    Okay, I’ll give that in reality, we tend toward routine. But…I don’t want to read about a couple who ONLY do bent over a desk. Or that he detures south EVERY MOTHER LOVIN’ time her panties come off. You know what I mean? Change it up some! I’ve got enough monotony in my own sex life, for God’s sake. :wink:

  22. 22

    @Jolie Kade:


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    I think it’s good, when you’re writing and reading, to get a sense for the flavor of a couple. So some dudes love going down south! But yes, mix it up.

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    Don’t know I f I will be able to eat banannas again that. But enlightening as always and I have to agree I have tos ee some connection between my characters and just throwing in the sex just doesn’t work for me epecially if the characters aren’t meshing and the realbity isn’t there.

  25. 25

    Christine, LOL! yes, it’s all about connection, for me that’s the crux.

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    OMG!! *cringing*
    I don’t think I’ll ever think of bananas or EVEN going to the grocery store the same way ever again. LMAO!!!