Petal Georgia

Petal, Georgia is a sensual romance series set in the small (fictional) town of you guessed it — Petal, Georgia. A spin off from The Chase Brothers series, the first books of Petal will feature members of the Murphy family. Much like the Chase Brothers, the central theme in this series is family — and if you've read me before you know I not only mean the one you're born with, but those people you make the family of your heart.

Reading Order:
Book One is ONCE AND AGAIN and it's available in digital, trade paper and audio formats.
Visits to Petal: Alone Time is a freebie bonus chapters that fits in between book one and two.
Book two is LOST IN YOU and it's available in digital and trade paper with audio to follow.
Visits to Petal: Girls' Night Out are freebie chapters and fit in after the end of Lost in You.
Book three is COUNT ON ME and it'll be out in digital in June of 2014 with trade paper release six months later.

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Once and Again
Once and Again
Book 1
Alone Time
Visits to Petal: Alone Time
Lost in You
Lost in You
Book 2
Girls Night Out
Visits to Petal: Girls’ Night Out
Count on Me
Count On Me
Book 3