Bound By Magick

Bound By Magick is a paranormal romance series set in a contemporary world where the Others have been outed to humanity after a terrible, world changing event that happens in book two, CHAOS BURNING.  Books three and four focus on dealing with the blowback from that mass outing – including an increase in tension between humans and Others.

The series is set in the same world as my Cascadia Wolves and de La Vega cats and there are characters from those books who do appear in BBM. They are, however, stand alone so it is not necessary for you to have read Cascadia or de La Vega to understand what’s happening in Bound By Magick.


Wild Darkness
Bound By Magick, Book 4
Berkley Sensation (November 2013)

Lauren Dane’s “fresh, fun, fast-paced”* series comes to a thrilling conclusion as the heat of all out war fans the fires of an otherworldly romance…

The bombing that almost killed Owen witch Molly Ryan has worsened the tensions between the …

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Bound By Magick, Book 3
Berkley Sensation (February 5, 2013)

This is book three in the BOUND BY MAGICK series and it’s Gage’s book.

“Lauren Dane always delivers a steamy, exciting ride,”* and she does it again in her new novel of two lovers fighting for their lives against a …

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Chaos Burning Cover
Bound By Magick, Book 2
Berkley Sensation (June 2012)

The second in the BOUND BY MAGICK series:

From the *always fabulous Lauren Dane* comes her new novel of a treacherous family legacy, a temptation just as dangerous, and an evil so depraved it can only be spoken of in

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heart of darkness 200x300 final
Bound By Magick, Book 1
Berkley Sensation (November 1, 2011)

“HEART OF DARKNESS is fresh, fun, fast-paced paranormal romance. Spellbinding magic, a wry-humored, gutsy heroine and a sexy-as-sin hero put the charm on this witchy new series from multi-talented, always fabulous Lauren Dane!”
— NYT bestselling author Lara Adrian


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