An Update And Some Questions Answered

So, this has been quite a year for me. At the very end of February, beginning of March I got what I thought was a run of the mill GI thing that the rest of my family got-and recovered from. But I never really totally recovered. In fact, in April, while I was in Chicago for the Spring Fling conference, it seemed to come back fifteen times more severe, with nausea so debilitating I had to come home on an earlier flight that last day. And it sort of got better, sort of. I went to the doctor, she gave me some anti nausea stuff just in case. Which turned out to be in May at RT when I got sick, AGAIN.

Essentially, through canceled trips, returning home early and the worry that my entire life was simply falling apart like my body – I kept on going through what felt like a million tests. Some of the medications were ineffective and some of them came with side effects more debilitating than the symptoms they were supposed to alleviate.

I missed deadlines and rescheduled them. My publishers have been AWESOME through this – I wanted to underline that. My readers have also been fantastic through all this, so thank you too!

I am recovering, though I’m still stumbling into the odd relapse here and there – as I did this last week when I had to cancel a retreat and a conference. What’s so frustrating is this is all super stressful because I hate disappointing people, especially readers who’ve come to see me and I’m not there. I’m used to keeping my promised and commitments. And stress makes me sick. It’s all just a gross cycle and I’m working on how I can get through and do everything I’m supposed to and even want to do (not traveling would break my heart, it’s one of my most favorite things in the world).

In any case – that’s some background to hopefully explain my absence, lack of reply to an email, etc.

As I’m so terribly behind I figured it might be good to answer some of my most asked questions this year and to give an overview of my (changed) schedule, some series updates, etc.


  • Hurley Boys #3 – BACK TO YOU will now release May 26, 2015 instead of March.
  • Metamorphosis Series – I’d meant to get the second book out much earlier this year but being ill has pushed that into late next year if not early 2016. ALL THAT REMAINS will be uploaded to retailers very soon as I’ve had it unavailable while I was getting better.


I’ve also had the rights for thirteen books I wrote  early on in my career come back to me. I’m in the process now of getting new covers, writing new back cover copy, getting things formatted correctly, etc.  I have a plan to get them all back up at all the various retailers but I have to do it around all the other things on my to do list.

  • RELUCTANT, ENFORCER and TRI MATES will be going back up first because the other books in the series and series set in that world are available and I don’t want those to be unavailable any longer than necessary. These are CASCADIA WOLVES 1, 2 and 3.
  • In early 2015 I’m looking to get ASCENSION and FIRE AND RAIN up.
  • I’ll follow with the rest over 2015 including the entire Witches Knot series.


1.  Stacie asked me if I had Wilhelm’s book (Federation Chronicles) on my schedule – I do actually. I wanted to get it out next year but after this year, it’s all pushed back to at least 2016.

2.  Katie asked me: i know you’re excited about all of your upcoming books, but is there 1 in particular you’re excited for readers to get? – I’m excited about them all really! I think Rowan is headed in an interesting direction so definitely Blade on the Hunt. Always thrilled to start new series as well so that’s June for Ink and Chrome and December 15 for my Lost Lake (PNR) series.


If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments (here at my blog – if you’re reading this elsewhere, please pop over to the blog or I may not see your question)!




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