WRATH OF THE GODDESS is now available!

After a little bit of a hiatus, the next Goddess With a Blade book – WRATH OF THE GODDESS is now available in digital and audio formats! Print will release on June 25.




Rowan Summerwaite is back—and more than a little pissed off—in Wrath of the Goddess, the fifth installment in New York Times bestselling author Lauren Dane’s Goddess with a Blade series.

You can’t keep a vengeful woman down for long.

Rowan Summerwaite, elite hunter and human vessel to the goddess Brigid, has returned home to Las Vegas—and she’s mad as hell. It seems someone thought they could eliminate Rowan and everyone she holds dear.

That someone was dead wrong.

With tensions between paranormal factions at an all-time high, Rowan and her crew, along with her sexy Vampire Scion husband, Clive Stewart, have their work cut out for them. The Vampire Nation has at least one traitor in their midst, leaving them extremely vulnerable…but if it’s a war they want, Rowan’s prepared to bring the pain like never before.

Rowan knows her duty is to those she’s sworn to protect, but it seems the harder she fights, the more barriers she hits…and the more friends she loses.

With even her closest alliances in question, Rowan will have to accept that sometimes the path toward the greater good means making heartrending sacrifices along the way…

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BLOOD AND BLADE back cover copy is here!!


Rowan Summerwaite is ready to finish what she started in Blood and Blade, the next installment in the Goddess with a Blade series by New York Times bestselling author Lauren Dane.

It’s been only days since Rowan and her friends eliminated the immediate threat to magic users and Vampires, but they’re already back on the hunt. Rowan’s out for vengeance, and she’s never been more driven—or angry. But she’s up against a being stronger than any she’s ever fought. To bring it down she’ll need more than the powers the goddess Brigid gave her…

This time she’ll need her friends, too.

She knows her husband will always have her back. As an ancient Vampire and Scion of North America, Clive has more clout and dominance than almost anyone. Rowan’s small but trusted inner circle insist they’ll join her in the thick of the battle, even as she argues it’s too dangerous for them. She’s also got a new dog. Familiar. Whatever. Star is a magical being put in Rowan’s path to help and protect her.

The hunt for ancient evil takes Rowan and her team to London and back to Las Vegas, bringing with them an unexpected alliance. Fortified by their rage, grief and determination, Rowan and her friends will stop at nothing when they track their enemy to the high desert in a final, deadly showdown.

Smart Bitches Podcast!

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Cascadia Wolves: WOLF UNBOUND is now available once more!


This book was originally published under the same name with a different publisher. It has been edited to tighten it up but the story is the same! It is the third book in the series and features Ben and Read More »

OPENING UP is on sale!!


The men of the Twisted Steel custom build bike and hot rod shop are great with their hands…and they’re not afraid to get dirty. PJ Colman is exactly the kind of complication Twisted Steel owner Asa Barrons doesn’t need.… Read More »
Cascadia Wolves: WOLVES’ TRIAD is now available once more!

Previously published under a different title (Tri Mates)

The tri-mate bond is a myth 

That’s what Tracy Warden has believed all her life. Werewolves have one true mate, someone their wolf bonds to physically, mentally, emotionally. She didn’t expect to … Read More »

Diablo Lake: PROTECTED is Now Available!!


New York Times bestselling author Lauren Dane welcomes you back to Diablo Lake, Tennessee: a town founded by witches, governed by werewolves, and full of secrets.

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Goddess With A Blade Series

I’ve been getting a lot of mail asking if I’d be writing more books for Rowan and Clive – the answer is yes! I know there’s already been a year since the last book came out. I know you’re all … Read More »

A Snippet from PROTECTED


Diablo Lake PROTECTED by Lauren Dane
Releases January 16

“Is it weird I’m excited? Like we’re on a caper,” Katie Faith said quietly.

“Yes, it’s weird. But you’re weird. I’m sorry to have to inform you of this. I … Read More »

PACK ENFORCER is now available!!

This is the opening of the CASCADIA WOLVES series with Nina and Lex’s story! It will eventually go back to print as well in the late winter/early spring of next year. These books have been cleaned up and smoothed, but … Read More »

Cascadia Wolves: RELUCTANT MATE is now available!!!

This is a prequel novella. It’s too short to be put into a standalone print format but may end up included with another book in the series if it goes to print.

Previously published under a different title (Reluctant – Read More »

New Covers and Blurbs!!

Over the next months, I’ll be reissuing my Cascadia Wolves books – here are the first two with gorgeous new covers and blurbs. For those who’ve been asking, the stories are the same, my edits were to clean things up, … Read More »