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Gregori and Wren are back with another installment of their story, picking up several years after the end of Cake!





An impromptu road trip makes for the honeymoon Gregori and Wren didn’t know they wanted

Bad-boy artist Gregori Ivanov wants nothing more than to marry Wren Davis. He’s asked her before—more than once—but she insisted on waiting until she’d established her own career. Now that the time is finally right, Gregori has one hell of a celebration in mind. Restaurants, museums and NYC luxury all the way…on top of all the newlywed sex they’ll be having.

The universe, unfortunately, did not get the message. When their plane is grounded in Idaho, they’re forced to improvise a road trip to get back to Seattle instead of the romantic getaway Gregori painstakingly planned. But that they’re together is what’s important, and with giant roadside potato museums, funky galleries in towns with little more than two stoplights and some seriously great diner food—in between all the great sex—Gregori and Wren find a honeymoon as unique and memorable as their love.



Some Questions Answered!

Frequently asked questions with some answers!!


When will the next Goddess With A Blade book be out?  I’m turning it in to my editor later this week so I’ll have more detailed information after that. And then I’ll be writing the next one, book 6 to tie up this particular story arc.

The universe is big enough for me to come and go with different story ideas and characters so I don’t think I’ll be done with Rowan and friends any time soon.


When will the next Diablo Lake book be out?  After I finish GWAB #6 I’ll be writing the last Diablo Lake book to tie up the story arc.  Much like the GWAB world, Diablo Lake is a big world and I will visit from time to time with new stories as they come to me.


When will you write:


Anne Murphy’s story– whenever it comes to me. I have a general idea but until I get more specific, it’s on the back burner. The Petal books are being re-released from Carina Press and will be available in spring 2019


Any more of Levi and Jonah’s brothers– like Anne Murphy’s story, I do want to write more of the Warner brothers but at this time I don’t have concrete ideas.


More Chase brothers– I’m done with the Chases. You’ll see glimpses in any future Petal books I write, but there are four brothers and each one got a book.


More Federation books– I love writing futuristics so very much. But the market is just not a very large one. To spend the time I’d need to write a 90 – 100K book (like the others in the series) on something I’m not entirely sure I can sell just isn’t in the works for me at this time. I’ve got kid #2 in braces, an elderly mom with Alzheimer’s and college tuition for multiple kids coming up so I need the steady income. It’s not off the table because like I said, I love writing futuristics, but it’s not on my schedule for the next year to 18 months.


More Brown family books– after I’m done with the next few PNR books, I’ll be working on the next generation of Brown/Keenan/Copeland! I haven’t quite decided on who it’ll be, but a return to erotic romance is in my future.

Another Great Review and Some General Stuff

Euro-Reviews gave Triad five flags out of five! This is so cool! Thanks Raashema for such a great review! A bit of it is here:

“Lauren Dane has created a wonderful story filled with witches, vampires, wizards, demons, angels and … Read More »

Crisis of Faith

I was updating my author loop yesterday morning and talking about how my progress was going with Witches Knot. As it happens I’d been thinking I’d be done with it Friday night but I was about five thousand words shy … Read More »


Whew! Finished Witches Knot at last! I am incredibly happy to be done and with how the book turned out. Loads of surprises, many of which I didn’t know about until they happened while I was writing.

So I am … Read More »

FAR Interview

Hey folks, hope your Friday is going well. Just wanted to point you over to FAR where I’ve got an interview up – Linky Goodness here

It was fun doing it!… Read More »

This And That

Filled out all of the requisite paperwork for Loose Id and got the contract and other stuff in the mail and emailed everything else. They’re already making me feel really welcome.

Broke 60,000 words in Witches Knot last night (yay) … Read More »

Second Chances Has A Home!!!

Good news! I woke up this morning to find an email in my inbox offering me a contract for Second Chances at Loose Id!

This is exciting for several reasons – first, I’m just thrilled that Rori’s story will be … Read More »

First Official Review of Triad

Today my first official review of Triad came out – Five stars out of five from Ecataromance!

The full review is here but here’s a snippet:

Ms. Dane’s debut novel is absolutely fabulous! Ms. Dane demonstrates how extremely creative she Read More »

Some Postive Words

So yesterday’s entry was a bit negative and I wanted to come back today with something positive. It’s release day at Ellora’s Cave. Every Wednesday there’s a crop of new books that come out. Last week was my release … Read More »

This Might Be Controversial

But I honestly can’t not comment on it. It goes against my nature!

Today a woman who claims to write erotic romance put up a “diatribe” about erotic romance at a certain website. I’m not going to say who she … Read More »

Well Wow!

So Triad is finally out and it’s been a wild, wild week! Working with another newbie author, Nicole Austin, we hosted the EC Board Monday and Tuesday and posted loads of hot excerpts from some of the great EC authors … Read More »