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I’ll be around from 11 am pacific today, February 19 until 3 pm pacific, watching the comments for any questions you may have. So g’wan! Ask em if you’ve got em!


Deanna asks: I have to say that the stories of the Browns and the Hurleys burn up the pages. Ezra and Adrian are the ultimate alpha males. What is your inspiration for the men in these series, particularly Ezra, Adrian, Brody, and Damien?

I can’t lie, I’m married to a very taciturn alpha male. He’s pretty much the blueprint for Brody and Jonah and my uber alpha dudes.


Glittergirl says: I’ve been trying to collect ALL of the Cascadia Wolves series and can’t locate #1-3, Enforcer, Tri Mates and Reluctant. Have these titles reverted to you and are they going to be re-released in the future? I’m OCD about reading a series in order from start to finish so I won’t start until I have the first ones… Can you help me out here with some info?

Near the end of last year, I got my rights back to the first in the Cascadia Wolves series. I’m in the process of having them readied to go back up for sale. I’m hoping to do that very soon!


Ruth says: In your Hurley series the dialog between the 2 main characters was amazing. Things I wish I said my relationships. How did you get them so well honed?  Do you talk it through like reading a script with someone. These dialogs are one of main reasons I love this series. It’s such a joy to see a writer just get better and better with each book.

Thank you! Honestly? It’s how I know my characters. Dialog is just something I like writing. It’s often the easiest thing for me to do in any given story so it’s something I also have to be mindful of in later drafts :) When I write, I do see the story in my head like a movie, yes..



Deanna asks: What was your inspiration for the Brown Family Series? I couldn’t stop reading. I ended up reading 2-5 in about 3 days, and I probably would have finished more quickly if I didn’t have to peel myself away to tend to my “real life” activities. Still in the middle of 6 and about to read 1. “Whew!”

I love music. It’s a major part of my life and my creative process and it always has been. Erin Brown came to me so three dimensionally. The rest of the world and characters filled in all around her, but she was always at the center. It’s her music, her energy that was so broken, edgy and dark that built their sound in my head, and the overall feel of the characters.


Courtney asks: I was just curious about the Federation Series? You indicated there would be more, I wanted to ask if you had a timeline?

I absolutely love writing futuristics. But the market is dodgy which makes the books a bigger risk to sell. But, like I said, I love writing them. I do have Wil’s book outlined, just no time to write it. I’ve spent the last year or so dealing with an illness that set me back at least a year in my schedule so the self publishing I’d hoped to be doing more of had to take a back seat while I get all my contracted books and obligations handled. Which is a really long way of saying, no I don’t have a schedule at this point but not for the next 12 months. But I will, because Will needs his book!


Deanna says: I would like to ask about how you develop your stories. While your storylines are very compelling and fascinating, do you develop your storylines first or do you develop the characters first? Also, will you have any additions to the Hurley boys? I don’t know, but something on the early days of their parents sounds interesting… Just sayin’

It depends on the book and the story. Characters like Erin Brown and Nina Reyes came to me before their stories did. But other times I get an idea for the setting, or the story type and build the world outward to the characters that should fill it. Essentially, every one of my books starts with a seed of something. A scene, a character, a setting.

As for more Hurleys? Writing the parents’ stories can be complicated (I get asked this a lot for Edward and Polly Chase) so while I haven’t counted it out, I haven’t come upon the right way to tell it just yet. As for Hurleys, they’re done as each brother is with someone now. But that world is a big enough one that I can’t say I’m done with it completely :)


Martha says:  I loved the edgy sexuality of the Brown family series and the Cake series spin offs.  The Hurley brothers, although I love them, seem a bit mainstream.  What direction are you headed?

I write many types of stories. The Brown books are erotic romance, which I continue to write (Ink and Chrome series out this year, for instance). But the Hurley Boys ARE mainstream, like my Chase Brothers and Petal books (and with a LOT more readers, to be honest).  I’m headed in the same direction I’ve always been headed in which is to write the stories and characters I want to. Sometimes those books are erotic romance, and sometimes they’re hot romance or UF.

ETA: I try to label things here at my website so readers know what they’re getting into/what to expect.

An excerpt from COUNT ON ME

How about a snippet from Petal, GA book 3 – COUNT ON ME?

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All Rights Reserved, Samhain Publishing
Releasing in digital formats, June 10, 2014


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The Brenda Novak Annual Online Auction to Benefit Diabetes Research Is Now Open!

I’ve got two items up for bid!


A Brown Family themed gift basket with signed copies of all the books in the series as well as other items from places and things in the series!


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Back Cover Copy for BROKEN OPEN!

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