What I’m Loving

I have a slight (okay more than slight) addiction to pens, notebooks, paper and stickers. The best thing about pens is that most of the ones I use aren’t expensive so I can try out new ones, new colors and the like regularly. I am SO digging the Pentel EnerGel pen (.5 point). It’s my current favorite for when I handwrite notes and synopses. It’s smooth, doesn’t spew ink everywhere and the colors are lovely. I’m using a pretty teal blue that shows up well on the colored papers I use in my book planner.

Because Shannon Stacey is a wicked sticker pusher, I discovered Miss Moss Gifts and fell in love with all the curvy, fun women in them (and not just white ladies!). Got a few sheets that are so adorable they really did perk my planner up but now I don’t have them and I need more. Not really a problem!

Two years ago I moved from a spiral planner calendar system to inserts I use in my Chic Sparrow Pemberly. I get them from Yellow Paper House and I can’t recommend them highly enough. Such great customer service (for example when I ordered my 2020 quarterly calendar inserts I made an error and chose one quarter in a different format than the others and they included both) They also have several other types of planner and journal stuff including gorgeous paper I use in my A5 6 ring binder (my plotting/work in progress process).

What are you all loving these days?


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