Tuesday, August 20th, 2013


I’ve got three releases in September! The trade paperback of LOST IN YOU (Petal, GA book 2), GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT the second VISITS TO PETAL bonus material on September 3 and CAKE, my novella from the Cosmo Red Hot Reads by Harlequin on September 15. ¬†Here are some basics about each one based on the questions I see most!



  • CAKE, like all the Red Hot Reads, is a novella. A novella is shorter than a novel so the pacing and story is different than in a full length book.
  • CAKE is a standalone, contemporary romance. It’s not related to any of my other stories, series or worlds.
  • CAKE is set in Seattle
  • CAKE is very hot romance but it’s not erotic romance


  • GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT is part of the VISITS TO PETAL series.
  • GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT is NOT a novel. It’s not even a novella or a short story.
  • GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT is a few chapters of bonus material that takes place AFTER LOST IN YOU has ended and before the next book starts.
  • GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT is NOT standalone. ¬†If you have not read the Chase or Petal books you will not know what is going on.
  • I write the VISITS TO PETAL as a fun thank you to long time readers/fans of the series.
  • GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT will release in digital formats for free and will also be in the back of LOST IN YOU when it releases in trade paperback September 3.


  • LOST IN YOU is book two in the Petal, GA series and features Beth Murphy and Joe Harris
  • Yes, there will be another book, COUNT ON ME, which comes out June 2014 and Royal Watson is the hero
  • I will write the Petal books as long as story ideas come to me because it’s less about a family or group of friends but instead is centered on the town.
  • I would like to write about the other Murphy siblings, but not in any sort of order – again, I want to give the stories these characters deserve when they come to me

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